Leonardo de Jesus Silva, better known as L-Side began his career as a DJ & Producer in 2008. Originally producing hip-hop beats but then branching into DnB, L Sides branch of minimal Drum and Bass fuses aggression and funk with stunning results.

Taking his influence from the likes of Hip Hop artists such as: Jazz Liberatorz, The Pharcyde and Tribe Called Quest, L-Side is making his mark in the world of raw dancefloor focused DnB.

Born in the city of Ribeirão Pires, São Paulo metropolitan region, L-Sides music is already supported by DJs around the world such as DJ Marky, Bryan Gee, LTJ Bukem, Bailey, A-Sides, Fabio, Grooverider among others.

Already signed by labels such as: Innerground Records (DJ Marky), Good Looking Records (LTJ Bukem) & V Records (Bryan Gee).

In addition to his solo songs, L-Side has partnered with fellow producers, Subsid, Dans, Andrezz, Chap, Critycal Dub and Paladion.

Check the tracklisting below of Podcast mixed by L-Side.

Dramatic - Rose Garden feat. Wednesday Amelia (Liquid V)
Phil Tangent - Affinity (Ram Records)
Submorphics - Outter Mission (Shogun Audio)
Dj Marky - Let Me (Innerground Dub)
L-Side - Sweet Blues (Liquid V Dub)
L-Side - Everything Must Change (Liquid V Dub)
Drumagick - Like This (BMR)
L-Side - Meu Destino (Free Download)
Andrezz - Resistence (Liquid V)
Simplification & Translate - Desire (Shogun Audio)
Break - Free Your Mind feat. Singing Fats (Symmetry)
Mist:i:cal - Just A Little Herb feat. Ras T Weed (Soul:R)
Killa Mosquito feat. Mr. Williamz - Ganja Man (Visionary Mix) (Necessary Mayhem)
Critycal Dub - Roadblock feat. Yush (Philly Blunt)
Dj Sly feat. Bassman - Quarterpounder Bass (Serum Remix) (Higher Stakes)
Simplification & Translate - Tonight (L-Side Remix) (Liquid V Dub)
L-Side - Soundclash (V Recordings Dub)
Alibi - Knockout (V Recordings Dub)
L-Side - Dreadlocks (Chronic)
P.A - Stay High (Radius)
Dj Marky & L-Side - Soft Machine (Innerground Dub)
Anile - Seventh Sound (Med School)
L-Side - Analogue (V Recordings Dub)
Dj Marky & Random Movement - Gabriels Theme (Innerground Dub)
Chap & Andrezz - Back (Liquid V)
Paladion & L-Side - Winds Of The Universe (Innerground)
Calibre & Zero Tolerance - Diamonds and Pearls (Advanced)
L-Side - Blue Notes (Liquid V Dub)
Phil Tangent - Lunar (Soul:R)

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