One of the most prominent national Drum & Bass duo Simplification & Translate, building a solid career on a daily basis. Their music is based on melodies and beats with a gentle rhythm that Brazilian music has shown the world over the years. talked to the duo about their new productions, collaborations, creative process, etc.

DRUMNBASS.COM.BR: Can you tell us how did the Simplification & Translate started up?

SIMPLIFICATION & TRANSLATE: We are friends for over 10 years, in 2009 we decided to make a COLLAB, the music is called "Start"; and it really worked.

After that we stayed 3 years without producing anything together. In 2013 we gather again to make another collab and we have being working together since that.

DRUMNBASS.COM.BR: Every sucesfull partnership has its own highlights and interesting facts. Along these years what were the highlights which has helped to boom your career?

SIMPLIFICATION & TRANSLATE: Throughout these two years I think the highlight is Friday, rs, it is inexplicable how every music is always produced on Fridays.... An interesting fact is that "I need you now" and "tonight" were produced at the same Friday night.

DRUMNBASS.COM.BR: What it means to you to have your music played in many places all over the world?

SIMPLIFICATION & TRANSLATE: It is very gratifying to listen and feel our music on clubs and podcasts being played by legends of the Drummbass. What really makes me happy is that each music has a story to tell. Space Love (Innerground Records), was executed by Calibre in many parties which he has played.

DRUMNBASS.COM.BR: Simplification & Translate has a really unique sound. The beats soam are very clear and the melodies are surrounding. How is your production process? What software do you use?is there any special plug? How do you guys handle conflicts of ideas?

SIMPLIFICATION & TRANSLATE: We make no effort to produce, i think that if one day we just sit down to produce something we will not have any results, as everything comes together very naturally Ableton Live, which is the software we use, is always waiting for us to develop new ideas.
I think currently we use over 70% of Native plugins from Ableton, and that is how we create, "sampling" and when we face any conflict on ideas, we always came to a comum agreement, in order to have the best sonority and music quality.
It has happened and it is quite comum that one of us think something is good at a certain stage of the music and the other thinks differently, in those cases we always review. What really matters for us is to have and enjoyable sound, we really dont have any problem with disagreements we aim the best quality of our music.

DRUMNBASS.COM: You have released your music by several labels, as the legendary Good Looking by LTJ Bukem, V Recordings of Bryan Gee. How has it been the work with Shogun Audio, which is considered one of the biggest and most recognised labels of Drum &Bass nowadays?

SIMPLIFICATION & TRANSLATE: Surreal!!! It is a dream came true. we are very happy to have another big label thrusting our work. We always have the best expectation, and we are always working to improve even more.

DRUMNBASS.COM.BR: Besides your own releases there is also a lot of your work with Brazilian and international producers. Which producer did you have more affinity on the creative process? Which work had a natural flow?

SIMPLIFICATION & TRANSLATE: It is hard to say, each one of them have a different way of working, but i believe that with Masterwizard and L-Side things happen much faster.

DRUMNBASS.COM.BR: To finalize can you tell us five musics that must be on your set up and leave a message for your fans.


Simplification & Translate - Desire - Shogun Audio

Bungle - Blue - Spearhead

Simplification & Translate - Come Back (Random Movement Rmx) - SoulBass

Need For Mirrors - Neverless ft. Steo - Shogun Audio

Calibre - Hypnotise - Soul:R