Translate by Giorgiolive. For the first time in your career you will be appear in Brazil for a huge audience. Tell me about your expectations for the next brazilian EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) festival at the Interlagos Raceway (next December 5th).

BTK: I use to follow Electric Daisy Carnival on Facebook, I think this edition will cover all my expectations, of course, talking about massive audiences. We know that you have had played on Europe´s main festivals. What do you like of those kind of events?

BTK: The freedom, friendship and good will of tho kind of crowd. In tho cases you meet very interesting persons, hard to find in a regular club night. In your creative process, which aspects do you consider at the top of your list when you start a tune? And please tell us how was your way to develope you as a producer.

BTK: A good groove is first, then a good bassline. I´m proud to be updated in electronic music production and new drum & bass releases to perceive how the tendence of the sound is going. Actually you have lots of collaborations, outside your partnership with Optiv. Please tell us about your forthcoming music.

BTK: Yes, have some collaborations arriving. At first, have a release coming soon on Dutty Audio with the legendary Dj Optical. Also have a track with Gridlok, part of his new album, scheduled for 2016 on Virus Recordings. We know that Dutty Audio (BTK´s label) main “sound” was consolidated after the last two years with lots of neurofunk releases from new talents all over the world. What do you look when you sign a track?

BTK: I always look for tracks with captivating production ideas, and solid funky drums. What do you recommend to the new generation of producers?

BTK: The most important to arrive to a good end, is a clear routine and work hard with much love. Any message for your brazilian fans?

BTK: Huge thanks for the support and see you on the dancefloor in Sao Paulo on the next EDC edition at the Interlagos Raceway.

Check the tracklisting below of Exclusive Mix, mixed by BTK.

01. Kosheen - Make Your Move (Optiv & BTK Remix)(Kosheen Records)
02. Phace & Noisia - Drawback (Critical)
03. Optiv & BTK - Antimatter (Eatbrain)
04. Calyx & TeeBee - Cloud 9 (RAM)
05. Optiv & BTK - Malfunction (SOM Remix)(Blackout)
06. Ed Rush & Optical - Falling Down Stairs (Virus)
07. Optiv & BTK - Dirty feat RymeTyme (Blackout)
08. Maztek - Untitled
09. Zombie Cats & Safra - Gaining Time (Dutty Audio)
10. Gridlok & BTK - Scamp (Virus)
11. Optiv & BTK - Dark City feat Yves Paquet (Blackout)

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