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The Dutchman, Teije van Vliet known as Lenzman is considered one of the best producers today.

As exclusive artist of the label Metalheadz from the legendary Goldie, Lenzman is coming to Brazil this week in order to play at the party DJ Marky & Friends in the Audio Club.
Before arriving in Brazil, he answered some questions to our website, in which many aspects of his carrer, his musical influences, his anxiety to play in Brazil for the first time were brought to surface.

Check out how it was with exclusivity to Two years ago, Bryan Gee gave us an interview saying that new sounds as Dubstep and Trap arise, has its most high point of success, but do not replace the Drum & Bass. Do you agree with this statement? What is your opinion on the current state of Drum & Bass?

Lenzman: What Ive seen over the last couple of years is that a clear divide has begun to develop between commercial blockbuster Drum & Bass and the “underground”. Not that I particularly like the term underground because its slightly elitist in a way. With this I mean Drum & Bass that is more about vibes and moods, rather than instant gratification impact music. In a way its sad to see a gap arise, but at the same time I feel little connection with the “big room” tracks that are getting so much attention now. For me the vibe in a track will always be more important than the immediate dancefloor impact it has. This will be your first performance in South America. What is your expectation for DJ Marky &
Friends party? What the Brazilian public can expect?

Lenzman: Im expecting crazy good vibes! Marky for me is and has been one of the main people leading the charge when it comes to soulful Drum & Bass music. And from what I can tell he is representing his roots 100%. So Im expecting people that will get where Im coming from musically. Brazil can expect Drum & Bass music straight from the Soul. Check out the mixes on my Soundcloud and you will get an idea of what Im about. We know that your musical influence is based on Hip Hop. In addition to the Hip Hop, which
sounds call you attention? Regarding Brazilian music, you know something?

Lenzman: I love a lot of different things honestly I could go on forever. I tend to go through phases, so Im listening to a lot of old Jazz at the moment. In terms of more modern stuff,The Internets “Ego Death” LP was a big one, I liked the recent Erykah Badu mixtape – shes like my dream collaboration, tied with Sade. I like Little Dragon a lot, Frank Ocean, SZA, Snakehips... In recent interviews, you told some tips for new producers to have their best works exhibited in
the market. What is the most common mistake you see the newcomers?

Lenzman: The most common mistake I would say is also a common one. Lack of patience. Its obviously natural for new producers to get excited and they want to see things happen. It can be hard to wait for the right label to notice you. But I think its much much better for your career to release only a few good tracks on a few good labels than a lot of tracks on a lot of mediocre labels. It really pays off to be more patient with this. Try to be critical of your own work and if you arent getting on the labels you want to get on, it could mean you need to get a little better first. Its a cliché, but you only get one chance at a first impression, make sure its a good one. Among the Brazilian producers, who have called your attention to the musicality,
creativity and technical quality?

Lenzman: Oh there are so many Drum & Bass producers from Brazil that are great. Marky is obviously the main guy, but also love Bungle and there are a lot of newer wave guys like Chap, Level 2, Andrezz that Ive liked. Tell me, am I missing anyone thats hot at the moment that I should know about? Currently you are one of the preferred names in the Drum & Bass, with this naturally people
start to follow you more and more closely monitor your work and many fans must think you should spend hours producing locked in his studio, is just like that or no, tell us a little about Teije, what they like to do, what matters do you usually follow or interests?

Lenzman: Haha. I do try to spend hours locked in my studio, but unfortunately that doesnt always work for me. Im really a vibes guy and not some technical big shot, so I really rely on being inspired. And inspiration comes and goes. Sometimes I can go quite a while without writing anything meaningful and other times I can have crazy productive weeks. When Im not working on new music, Im listening to or collecting Hip Hop, reading books (loving Charles Bukowski at the moment), looking for some recipe too cook in my kitchen or watching baseball when the season is on. Ive also become a father recently, so my daughter is the priority over everything right now! Finally, tell us the 3 Drum & Bass music that are present in their recent presentations and 3 songs
off the Drum & Bass you often listen to and leave a message to the entire Brazilian public that is
eager for your presentation.

Lenzman: Hmm difficult, theres quite a lot of good stuff in my box at the moment, but three tracks you will definitely be hearing when I come to Brazil are:

Ulterior Motive – Stay (Lenzman Remix)
A brand new remix Ive finished for my good friends Ulterior Motive. The vibe is quite different to the original, so I hope people can dig it. I guess itll come out some time in 2016 on Headz.

Anile – Wish List
Ive been loving Aniles stuff for quite a while now and always end up playing his music in my sets. Wish List is a new piece by him and its one of his best yet. Absolutely love it.

FD – Serious
Been playing this one for a while, but its a banger, probably FDs best one so far and always gets a great reaction.

Brazil, see you soon, cant wait to meet you and hope you guys come and vibe with us!

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