First of all we want to thank you for participating in this interview, I hope we can show the Brazilian public a little more of this duo that Brazilians like so much. Tell us how the Spectrasoul duo came about and what are the duos musical influences.

Jack: Me and Dave met through mutual friends in 2007. We had very similar tastes in music at the time and our ways of working complemented each other. We have always had a really broad range of influences, musically - from Hendrix to Cinematic Orchestra. Thats what has always made our music very diverse and ever-evolving!

Dave: Our influences have always been really broad. I rarely listen to D&B. Keeping that sense of detachment means when you do come around to writing it, you have a head full of ideas and an open mind, not constricted to what you ‘think’ things should sound like. One of the pairs first appearances was on the Shogun Audio sub-label. After this apparition you launched by numerous labels. This transition between labels is normal in the music market until the artist creates identification with a specific label. As of 2010 you signed exclusivity with Shogun. Tell us what a label of this size provides for new artists? What are the expectations when you have the support of a seal of this magnitude?

Jack: It was great! At the time, a lot of our favourite artists were signing to the label (Alix Perez, Icicle, Rockwell) and we had a great family vibe. We would have healthy competition between us and that helped to push the music forward. Before we signed to Shogun Audio, we wanted to get our name out there by releasing on some of our favourite labels - Metalheadz, Critical, Exit. The years of exclusivity at Shogun made the pair very visible and consequently a captive place in the hall of todays major producers. But last year you decided to launch a label of your own, we have seen a movement of the most acclaimed producers of the present time in that direction. What led the pair to this decision?

Jack: Well, we felt it was time that we took control of our own output. We have always liked to be a part of the whole process of releasing music (videos, artwork, promo) and so it made sense for us to take that step. It means that we can release music whenever we want and we’re not tied to anyone else’s schedule but our own. It’s great and its been really refreshing!

Dave: Launching Ish Chat has been a great learning curve for us. Trying new ideas and release formats whenever we want, selling things directly to fans, adapting to the ever-evolving music market, we learn new things everyday. The forthcoming album campaign is our biggest challenge yet, but we’re ready to get our teeth stuck into it! Is Ish Chat an exclusively authorial label or will we have songs from other producers? Taking advantage of the question, which Brazilian producers have gotten the most attention from you?

Jack: For now, yes. We wanted a platform for our own music. I love what I’m hearing from L-Side. That guy has some great tunes. I’m looking forward to his album! What can the public expect for the second half of the year, could it bring us some news?

Jack: We’ve just finished our 3rd album which should be out in September or October this year. It’s super exciting as it’s going to be released on our own label and we’re in total control. We have really worked hard on it and we think it sounds great!

Dave: We’ve got lots of great gigs & festivals lined up too. Heading back to America for another tour later in the year and we’re just putting the finishing touches to an album tour too. We talked a lot about Spectrasoul, now we can talk a little bit about Jack & Dave, what do they like to do during non-studio hours?

Jack: There isn’t a lot of time outside the studio! I love to cook and spend many of my evenings cooking for myself and my girlfriend!

Dave: I spend a fair bit of time with photography outside of music, often incorporating the 2 together. Finally, we would like to emphasize the immense affection and admiration that the Brazilian public has for the pair. Tell us a little about the participation in the DJ Marky & Friends party held shortly in Brazil.

Jack: The gig was wicked! Big thanks for Marky inviting us out there to play. Hopefully we’ll be back again to play in Brazil one day soon!

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