First of all, we want to thank you for taking part in this interview, please know that it is a great pleasure for us, we hope you enjoy it too.
Lets ask the questions!! To begin let us tell you how, Roman Impish gave life to producer Impish.

Impish: From childhood I played the guitars, keys, drums. My main focus lied with funk, rock, trip-hop, rhythm & blues, etc, but then after graduation in 2003, some friends introduced me to drum and bass. As soon as you met Drum & Bass you decided to produce your own songs right from the start?

Impish: First I started collecting d&b vinyl records. In 2006–2008 i have finished first d&b tracks with my friend female singer Vasilisa, and released them on my first album called “Underwater” in 2013.

"Keep Warm" feat. Meta In recent years we have been able to check out some of his compositions by important labels from the Drum & Bass scene - Tell us what your inspirations are, after all, we can see that you are a very versatile producer and his songs show well elaborated nuances.

Impish: I have mixed feelings from releasing music so far. I make music for the particular labels. Today i can say i would like to continue working with C.I.A and Hospital Records. Also i like Blendits Audio if to look at underground labels. I do mastering for them, and I love almost all their beats.

"Lie" com Vasilisa In your opinion, what track youve made that great record companies and DJs know about your work.

Impish: I would like to believe, some tracks taken from 2016 “Silence” LP. For example “Lie” with Vasilisa, “Keep Warm” feat. Meta., or “Humans”, or maybe some of the tracks released on C.I.A.

"Humans" Now about Impish as an entrepreneur, tell us about your Occult Music label, after all, every year there are many seals, which is what the seal positioning is and what lines you want to work on.

Impish: Originally we started out just doing events “Burning Series” in Moscow, where we could test the dubplates we cut. In 2011 we started our first official press run for Occulti Music. Now our tenth release is out — Hush LP. We will continue to work in the same direction. In 2016 you released your first album "Silence" and it was well accepted between the public and the DJs and now in 2017 you present another album "HUSH". What can the general public expect from this new album?

Impish: First of all, the Hush LP sounds softer and brighter. Unlike the previous album i put here only 8 tracks, and all the tracks are available on white heavyweight vinyl. It’s a combination of dance floor material and songs for home listening, 50/50. But Hush LP still has some darker songs which i particularly love in d&b. In future i will defiantly go back to the sound of Silence LP, Underwater, CIA releases and more darker underground vibes. So this album is a kind of something new, but long forgotten past. It showcases the diversity of what I do. I love neuro, techstep, deep, and soulful too, so i just try to combine.

“No One Else" What we can expect from Impish for 2018, may advance some hot news for our readers and all drum and bass lovers
We are currently thinking about a brand new V/A LP on Occulti Music, featuring remixes from Zero T, FD, tracks from label mates: Agbo, Cutworx, Roy Green & Protone, Joakuim and more.

Impish: Regarding Impish, there are some tracks coming on Hospital Records in 2018 and probably one–two EPs on Occulti.
Also i am going to release some tunes on OCT:LTD (Occulti Limited) sublabel in 2018, which underground beats are particularly cool for me these days. To end our chat, leave a message to the Brazilians. And for you our thanks for your attention, we wish you much success.

Impish: Thank you for reaching out guys. And also big Thank you to all who supports vinyl format. If you are in Moscow, come and join us for the “Burning Series” d&b nights, view the calendar & info on If you want to grab some vinyl records make sure to do it directly from too. Producers & underground labels, if you need some help, mastering for vinyl or digital tracks just hit me up. Peace!