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Dunk is the name of the moment in the mouth of every Drum & Bass scene, and now
with the recent release of the EP "Lost Tribe" by C.I.A. composed of four tracks filled with puzzles.

We took advantage of the bright and fruitful moment to talk to Dunk and bring some details of his meteoric musical career.

1st - We started the interview with a controversial topic, but that everyone and the fans of Jam Thieves have been asking: The duo (project) Jam Thieves is over?

Dunk: The duo, yes, its over. The project (Jam Thieves) does not. In any relationship, whether professional, personal or family, wear and incompatibility of ideas occur. Besides, its been a while that Ive been going through transformations in my life, mainly from the inside out, that demanded me and still demand some choices and leaving Jam was one of them.

2nd - When did you decide to pursue a solo career?

Dunk: As I said, things in my life have been changing for a few years now. The decision to go it alone was officially made in 2020, but the idea came up more than a year ago, when I travelled alone to London. I had an epiphany, while I was alone I was able to think a lot and listen to me more, I recognized and self-criticized myself. I started to challenge myself to see where I was able to go, so I decided to go it alone.

3rd - Neto, do you belive that The Dunk Project can open new doors or do you intend to follow the sound line idealized by The Jam Thieves Project?

Dunk: I am working with several labels that I could never imagine and I know that this is the result of new doors, for sure. I have maximum respect for Jam and for everything I produced and developed there, but now Dunk follows another track.

4th - So far, Dunks visibility has been strong and consistent. Do you believe that this is due to the fact that you have a recent technical and musical maturity?

Dunk: Absolutely. In all this process of mine, alone, I went back a little in time and listened to my work from before, making a sort of analysis and even a self-criticism. For me, maturity came with the change from the inside out, as it only improved my musical sensitivity. Producing, for me, is mainly a feeling. I believe this has made things work.

5th - Much is said about the importance of having an international experience, being able to closely follow the Drum & Bass scene in its core. What has changed for you in your visits to England in terms of process and artistic improvement?

Dunk: Drum & Bass took me to places I never imagined, if it werent for music, maybe I wouldnt be able to go to those. And I am not talking specifically about the countries, or the trip itself, I am talking about the contact with the crowd, the exchange of energy. Each trip, each party, and each one I saw dancing to my sound only stimulated and encouraged me to move on. Certainly, living and being close to all of this made me get where I am today, and it will take me even further.

6th - We have seen some interesting collabs that you have participated in. Whats to come? Could you anticipate something for the audience?

Dunk: There are many releases to come. I love collabs and unfortunately it was something I couldnt do when The Jam Thieves was at Playaz. Today I am free to make music with whomever I want and I am very happy with the experiences that can be exchanged. Theres a lot of news coming, it wont be long.

7th - Currently, we have seen releases by labels of great relevance on the world stage such as Dispatch, Sofa Sound, Chronic and now with its debut at CIA Records, what is it like to work with such important brands and what challenge do you see having reached this level?

Dunk: I confess that I am not a very easy person to settle for things and honestly I do not know if this is a defect or not. I am very happy with the labels and be sure that nothing I say will describe this, but I will not stop. Producing is already a challenge, the music scene is a constant challenge, so I can only be grateful for everything that I have been achieving so far and say that there will be a lot more to come.

8th - Now, tracing a horizon, what is Dunks musical and professional goal?

Dunk: I have already achieved some goals, I just cant say yet (hahaha), but I have the objective of reaching several audiences, of bringing quality sound to the crowd and being recognized for that. I do my job with a lot of commitment and affection - so I believe that at the end of the day, my goals become consequences.

Check out the playlist created by Dunk on Spotify for the Dispatch Recordings label..