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The famous producer, Break (Charlie Bierman), has just released his fifth album.

Composed of 12 tracks that were officially shown to the public during his participation at XoYo in London, Break, once again, promoted an avalanche of sound - and not only sound - but also concept. The new album, was enjoyed by the public during the four weeks of his attendance.

Before the official release of the album, Break had already released four singles: "Natural Way" featuring MC Fats (In Memoriam), released in late 2022 and "Code Red" with the warm MC Fox, released in early 2023. Both tracks were an absolute success and were responsible for creating an atmosphere of great anticipation with the other tracks on the album.

Following this, two more singles were released, "Gunshot Love" which features the vocals of Liam Bailey and "Wait For You" which features the charismatic Lorna King.


Finishing the special appearances, Break invited his long time partner SP:MC, to together annihilate the sound systems with the bombastic "Box Clever". Also, on the track "Lost" we find the enchanting vocals of Charli Brix.

Talking about the dazzling technique and musical power of the skilled producer has already become repetitive, making it difficult to write an unbiased text. Breaks masterpiece ravishes not only Drum & Bass fans, but anyone who loves quality music.

The highlight of "Digital World" is not only one or a few tracks of the album, but the meticulous conception of its tracks. Break idealized and, with much success, reached a perfect balance of concepts. The producer does not give up the Drum & Bass roots, his works honor and praise the history of this complex musical style, dialoguing with perfection with the contemporary elements that move the dancefloors nowadays.

Automatically a question arises: are there limits for Break? With each release, this question has been recurrent. Perhaps listening carefully to his new album - and not just his interpretations of Drum & Bass - makes that question harder to answer.

The fact is, Charlie Bierman is a living legend who we are privileged to be contemporary with.

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